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Owner/Head Brewer

David serves  as the Head Brewer for PSBC.  David and Amy Nissen are long time residents of High Point and have enjoyed craft beer and brewing for many years.  Similar to Patrick, their interest in craft beer and home brewing, involvement in the community and caring for community members is exciting and a top priority.  

Both David and Amy are educators, working in the public school system in Guilford County.  Their commitment to the betterment of young men and women is a small testament to their commitment in caring for those around them.    

Owner/Assistant Brewer

Patrick Watterson brings a plethora of talent and personality to the brewery, including home brewing, a zeal for craft beers, and his passion for serving the community  For over 25 years, Patrick has practiced as an internal medicine Physician Assistant providing medical care to generations of High Point residents.  

Patrick also grew up in Bourbon Country Kentucky, so he brings a love of bourbon barrel products and knows how to take that process and combine it with great beer.  He also has the Bourbon collection to prove it!​

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